Fear of Staying

I have just published my second novel on Amazon. Join me on the journey.


Growing up is rarely easy. Somehow it doesn’t get easier when you are fifty with a litter of children and ex-partners scattered around the world. None of that worries languid Australian Gil Maddy as he navigates his car-crash career as a half-hearted hotelier armed only with an unconvincing smile and an often inadvertent tendency to give people a fair go. His past is safely tied up in not altogether neat packages left in his meandering wake. He never looks back; why should he? He always moves on after a year or two, no worries. That is until he meets an eccentric elderly Englishman on the ferry between Dunkirk and Dover. There is something about Charlie Adlam’s stoic stickability that launches Gil on a chaotic trajectory around the world and ultimately through his past. Mind you, that doesn’t make anyone take him any more seriously, least of all his editor or his new next-door neighbour. But then growing up is rarely easy, especially with a family like Gil’s.


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